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Stepping Out Pedicures

Helping Hands - Manicures

Helping Hands - Manicures


Refreshing pedicure: soak, cuticle tidy, foot scrub and super cooling massage. 

30 minutes - £16.00

Pretty Feet

Soak, cuticle tidy, foot scrub, hard skin buff, massage and polish.

40 minutes - £24.00

60 minutes with Shellac - £35.00

Platinum Pedi

Our ultimate pedicure.  All of our pretty feet plus a relaxing massage using hot stones, hydrating mask and warm thermal booties, 

finished with Polish.

60 minutes - £32.00

80 minutes with Shellac - £45.00

Callus Heel Therapy                                         

Banish hard skin with our super skin-friendly fruit acid patches.

30 minutes £25.00

60 minutes with Pretty Feet pedicure - £35.00

60 minutes with Shellac - £40.00


Show off your toe nails! Funky, elegant, pretty designs, you choose. Lasts for up to 4 weeks! 

40 minutes - £25.00


The must-have pedicure! Perfect polish dries instantly and lasts up to 2 weeks. Treatment includes file and cuticle tidy.

40 minutes - £27.00


Add French polish to any pedicure for £5.00

Add 15 minutes of Thai Foot Massage to any pedicure £10.00

Helping Hands - Manicures

Helping Hands - Manicures

Helping Hands - Manicures


File, cuticle tidy, hand scrub, massage and buff. Perfect for gentlemen too!

30 minutes - £16.00


File, soak, cuticle condition, hand scrub, and massage, finishing with a buff and polish

40 minutes - £24.00

60 minutes with Shellac - £35.00


The ultimate manicure: a full manicure plus massage using warm stones, mask with thermal mitts and polish.

60 minutes - £32.00

80 minutes with Shellac - £45.00


The must have manicure!

Perfect polish dries instantly and lasts up to two weeks. Includes file and cuticle tidy. Try Shellac Additions to add design and sparkle.

40 minutes - Shellac colours £27.00 

50 minutes - Shellac Additions £30.00

50 minutes - French Shellac £30.00 

15 minutes - Removal £5.00

Brisa Lite

Improve your natural nails with a gel overlay, to support and strengthen the nail bed and encourage growth. 

 40 minutes - £22.00

with Shellac 60 minutes - £35.00

Rejuvenating Hands and Lower Arms 

Turn the years back by rejuvenating and brightening the skin and reducing pigmentation damage on your hands and lower arm.  

Book an advanced peel from £25.00 For more severe damage book IPL from £190

Hair Removal

Helping Hands - Manicures

Advanced Aesthetics

For a Smooth, Fuzz-free finish - Using the most Hygienic Methods.

Half Leg 30 minutes - £18.00

Full Leg 40 minutes - £25.00

Bikini Line 15 minutes - £12.00

Underarm 15 minutes - £10.00

Lip/Chin 10 minutes - £8.00

Cheeks 15 minutes - £8.00

Eyebrows 15 minutes - £8.00

Full Face 20 minutes - £16.00

Forearm 20 minutes - £15.00

Back 30 minutes - £25.00

Chest 20 minutes - £18.00

Stomach 15 minutes - £12.00

Brazilian / Hollywood

Using the pain-reducing hot wax 

30 minutes - from £28 - £32 


Permanent Hair Removal 15-30 minutes - £20.00


Eyebrows 15 minutes - £8.00

Lip 10 minutes - £8.00

Cheeks 15 minutes - £10.00

Face 15 minutes - £14.00

Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics

Cosmetic/Aesthetic Treatments

Muscle relaxing injections to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines.  

Prices starting from £180.  

* Please note this treatment  is a prescription only medicine and can only be administered following  consultation by a fully qualified prescriber.

Cheek Filler from £300.00

Lip Filler  from  £195.00

Alternative areas filler from £195

Excessive Sweating from  £350.00

Scar Reduction  from  £85.00


Reduction of excess skin 

£350 per body area (1-3 treatments required)

Celluform Plus

Reduction of unwanted fat under chin area.

£500 per session (may require 1-2 treatments)

TCA Peels

High end peel to address the signs of ageing, acne, pigmentation, sun damage, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and skin texture.  

£225 or a course of 3 for £600

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Banish broken capillaries, red spots, milia, skin tags and thread veins.

Help clear your skin with this highly specialised and safe treatment.

30 minutes - £80.00 Consultation required and includes one follow up treatment.

Eye Appeal

Advanced Aesthetics

Eye Appeal


Micro-Blading is a form of tattooing which implants a natural pigment that resembles a hair stroke, resulting in a very natural brow. Fill in ‘gaps’, enhance the shape of your brows or actually give you brows where no hair is present. Lasts up to 18months. Full consultation & patch test, the treatment ( 2 hrs ) and then a top up appointment 4 weeks later. £250

Top up sessions 90 minutes from £100.00

Lash Tint 20 minutes - £12.00

Brow Tint 15 minutes - £9.00

Lash & Brow Tint 30 minutes - £16.00

Brow Tidy 10 minutes - £6.00

Lash Lift For fabulous lift and curl. 

Lasts 8 weeks. 

45 minutes - £30.00

60 minutes (including tint) - £35.00

Maxi Eye Impact

A fabulous way to define your eyes: brow wax/thread, lash & bow tint, lash lift

75 minutes - £45

Advanced Aesthetics

Eye Appeal

Semi-permanent Lash Extensions

Eye opening lashes add volume and length. Glam or natural? Your choice!

60 minutes for full set - £40.00

Infills - from £20.00

Hybrid Lashes

Create beautifully glamorous lashes by mixing classic and pre-made volume lashes

60 minutes - Full Set - £45

30 minutes - infills - from £25

Volume Lashes

Pre-made volume lashes of 3D and 4D volume

75 minutes - £50

Infills - 45 minutes - from £30

High Impact Brows 

The ultimate brow treatment including tinting, waxing/threading and exclusive make up so you walk out the salon with beautiful brows.

30 minutes - £25.00

Patch test required for tinting, lifting, semi-permanent treatments prior to first appointment.


Power-packed Skin Treatments

Power-packed Skin Treatments

Power-packed Skin Treatments

We can help you decide on the best facial 

for your skin.

Luminous Facial

Using aromatherapy skincare with multiple properties creating the ability to balance, strengthen and revitalise your skin.  This facial is customised to your needs using a variety of beneficial and suitable products.  

60 minutes - £40.00

Clearskin Treatment

Creating balance and hydration to stressed, blemished and congested skins.  Your skin will be treated to an intense restorative facial using carefully selected scientific products to strengthen and invigorate the skin.

60 minutes - £48.00

Radiance Facial

Boost your skin and get a radiant glow to maintain optimum condition.  This facial incorporates oxidant rich products proven to establish results to all skin types together with essential oils to restore skin balance.

60 minutes - £52.00

On the Go!

Specially developed for you, a cleansing and soothing facial, including exfoliation and mask, followed with a de-stress massage to the face, neck and shoulders. 

40 minutes - £30.00

Ayurvedic Lifting Facial Massage

This deeply relaxing facial massage uses herbal extracts and oil to nourish your skin while

toning and lifting muscles to help keep wrinkles at bay. It balances and recharges your energy levels and is one of our top treatments.

30 minutes - £25.00

60 minutes - £35.00

Add 15 minutes to any facial for £10.00

Power Packed Facial

This facial can incorporate the galvanic or high frequency elements to clear clogged skin, rebalance the skins matrix and provide a full skin hydration, promoting healthy skin and cells.  

60 minutes - £45.00

Indulgent Face and Body Experience

Indulge in a relaxing back salt scrub and massage complimented with a 30 minute luminous facial using aromatherapy infused products. 

60 minutes - £45.00

Facial Treatments

Power-packed Skin Treatments

Power-packed Skin Treatments

Advanced Anti-ageing Facial

Turn back the years with our best anti-oxidant peptide and retinol infused facial to tackle damaged skin cells and combat the signs of ageing.  Age-fighting ingredients aim to regenerate collagen, smooth away fine lines and lighten sun-damage.  

60 minutes - £58.00

Course of four - £200.00

Decolletage and Neck

Often neglected and quick to show signs of ageing we target this delicate area to restore, brighten and smooth your skin.   Peels, super hydration serums and masks refine, resurface and diminish fine lines and sun damage.  

30 minutes - £25.00

Course of four - £88.00


Restore uneven texture, refine facial lines and reduce scarring leaving smoother skin.

30 minutes - £38.00 


The new 'celebrity' treatment to remove vellus hair (peach fuzz), removal of dead skin and oils.  Creating brighter more radiant skin which is very smooth and great for increasing the efficacy of products on the skin. 

Perfect for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged and blocked pores and dull skin. 

45 minutes - £45.00

with a skin peel £70.00

Skin Peel

Using Glycolic, Mandelic or Citric acid peels that boost minerals, vitamins and amino acids to the dermal layer of the skin to encourage new cell regeneration.  

Targeting age spots, lines and wrinkles and restoring skin tone. 

30 minutes - £55.00


Instantly improve dull, tired looking skin and superficial wrinkles.  Specifically selected serum cocktails infused with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to nourish, rejuvenate whilst stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.  

Improve pigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks and skin tone. 

60 minutes - £125.00

Course of 3 - £300.00

Prescents' Ultimate Facial

A luxurious 2 hour facial designed by our highly professional skincare therapists.  

A full prescriptive facial to address your skin concerns which can include: 

* Exfoliation/microdermabrasion/peel/


*Ayurvedic massage

*Lymphatic drainage

*Galvanic current for hydration


*High frequency for clean/fresh skin

*Deep penetration mask

*Steam & extraction

*And more......

120 minutes - £125.00

Turn Back Time with CACI

Power-packed Skin Treatments

Massages & Alternative Therapies

 1 hour Non Surgical Facelift with LED Light

Microcurrent with S.P.E.D Technology

(Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery)

Lifts and tones facial muscles

Reduces wrinkle depth

Improves skin elasticity and texture

Increases blood and lymph circulation

Suitable for all skin types incl. Acne

60 minutes - £65.00

Course of 10 - £600.00

Monthly maintenance - £62.00

Red Carpet Facial

Microcurrent with S.P.E.D Technology

Lift and tone the face and neck

Ultrasonic peeling and Orbital Microdermabrasion for brighter, smoother complexion

Wrinkle comb

Target fine lines and wrinkles

More youthful and toned appearance with glowing, healthy skin

90 minutes - £90

Course of 10 treatments £850

CACI Non-surgical Eye Lift.

Improve the ‘droopy brow’ - microcurrent to lift and tone the muscles around the eye and brow area. 

30 minute session - £25.00

6 x 30 minutes sessions - £140.00.  

Eye Revive 

Deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask

Lift and tone hooded eye lids

Reduce puffiness and dark circles

Soften appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

30 minutes - £30

Course of 10 treatments - £250

Wrinkle Revolution

Targets deep lines and wrinkles

Non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers

Plump fine lines and wrinkles from first treatment

Lip plumping with Amino Lift Peptide

20 minutes - £25

Course of 10 treatments £225

CACI Hydratone

Spoil your skin by restoring moisture, rejuvenating and re-balancing your appearance. A collagen mask is charged with microcurrent. The perfect skin pick-me-up.

30 minutes - £25.00

CACI Jowl Treatment

If you feel your jowls are heading in the wrong direction we can target this area to give great results, using SPED technology, with LED lights to treat the skin as well as lift and tone the muscles. 

 You can add this to our 1 hour CACI treatment or have a stand-alone therapy.

 30 minute session - £30.00

Course of 10 x 30 minute sessions £270.00

Include into a 60 minute CACI - £80

CACI Cellulite Buster

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with the superb Electro Cellulite Massager.  Plus it lifts and tightens the buttocks.  

30 minutes - £25.00

Course of 6 - £130.00

Massages & Alternative Therapies

Massages & Alternative Therapies

Massages & Alternative Therapies

To Restore and Remedy your Mind, Body and Soul.

Top to Toe Full Body Massage

Full body massage to relax and unwind. The ideal way to ease muscle tension, condition skin and encourage toxin removal.

60 minutes - £44.00

Back, Neck and Shoulders

Ease all your tensions with the ultimate unwinding massage. 

30 minutes - £28.00

Balinese Massage

This deep massage is complemented by three gentle scrubs to the face, back and feet. Heated compresses filled with rejuvenating spices and exotic oils work their magic.

A full body treatment including the face and scalp; leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed. 

60 minutes - £50.00

Lymphatic Massage

A manual lymphatic drainage massage that helps reduce puffiness and fluid retention thus strengthening your immune system.

This specialised treatment can be extremely effective following surgery / during pregnancy. 

30 minutes - £30.00

60 minutes - £44.00

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth warm Basalt stones make this body treatment feel like a big hug. The stones are used to ease muscular tension.

30 minutes - Back, Neck and Shoulders - £32.00 

60 minutes - Full Body - £50.00

Massages & Alternative Therapies

Relaxing Therapies

Remedial Massage

Our specialist remedial therapist can assess and treat many muscular conditions. Pain in the joints and muscles can affect your range of movement and restrict your lifestyle. Using a combination of gentle and deep tissue techniques many conditions can be remedied. Perfect for long term, postural and chronic conditions. (treatment includes a consultation)

40 minutes - £36.00

Pregnancy Massage

Stress reduction, relaxation, relief from fluid retention, reduction of lower back aches, nerve impingement and ribcage pain are just some of the benefits of pregnancy massage!

40 minutes - £32.00

Bamboo Massage

Smooth Bamboo sticks stretch and massage deeply into your muscles. Powerful and relaxing. 

30 minutes - £28.00

60 minutes - £45.00

Body Ultimate

90 minutes of pure bliss...

A full body massage coupled with Ayurvedic face, scalp and neck massage. Plus an extra 5 minutes afterwards to snooze on our top of the range comfy couch. The perfect solution to ease away your stress and tension.

90 minutes - £64.00

Relaxing Therapies

Massages & Alternative Therapies

Relaxing Therapies

Indian Head Massage

This deeply relaxing rebalancing massage treatment to the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and arms helps reduce stress levels and prevents long term muscle problems. Perfect for anyone sitting at a computer for long periods or driving distances.

30 minutes - £27.00

Ear Candling

A deeply relaxing treatment which can successfully remedy ear, nose and throat conditions such as compacted ear wax, sinusitis, snoring, hay fever, rhinitis and tinnitus. A real experience.

35 minutes - £24.00

Course of 3 - £68.00

Indian Head Massage & Ear Candles

A perfect combination of relaxation and holistic therapies, these two treatments compliment each other, targeting on the lymphatic system and sinus channels.

60 minutes - £45.00


Using reflex points on the feet, this popular non-invasive therapy can help treat many conditions. An incredibly relaxing treatment for mind and body.

60 minutes - £35.00

Thai Foot Massage

A beautiful treatment to balance energy levels and allow total relaxation through massage to the lower legs and feet. Superb for aching legs, tired feet and poor circulation. A salon favourite. 

45 minutes - £32.00


Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies

Bare Back Treatment

The skin on our back can be blemished, spotty and irritated.  This treatment focuses on this area with a cleanse, tone, steam and extract.  A gentle peel removes that rought skin texture and we finish with a hydration boost and massage.  

30 minutes - £30.00

Gift Wraps

Lose inches and detox with our dry thermal body wrap before special occasions or to compliment a healthy eating plan.  You will received a complimentary hand or foot massage during the treatment.  

90 minutes - £45.00

Course of 3 - £120.00

Spray Tan

Sienna X, your natural spray tan applied quickly and smoothly for a gorgeous glow.

Various shades available.

30 minutes - £25.00


Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies

Make-up Lesson

Our excellent range of Jane Iredale mineral make-up is extremely skin-friendly and  long-lasting. Whether it’s for day-to-day wear or a special occasion, we offer make-up lessons to test new looks and offer trade secrets!

60 minutes £40.00

A professional range is available to purchase.

Make-up application for that special occasion 

40 minutes - £30.00

Ear Piercing

£25.00 from 8years +

Wedding Days

Beautiful Bodies

Wedding Days

Pampering Packages for the Special Day.

Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom

10% discount when you choose three or more treatments from our therapy menu to help you prepare for the big day.

Wedding Make-up

Our expert make-up artist will be on hand at your chosen venue on the day of the wedding.

Includes a trial run through at Prescents Salon.


Members of the Bridal Party

1 make-up application

£30.00pp at the Prescents salon

£40.00pp at your venue

Prices are exclusive of trial sessions

IPL Pricing

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Treatment of skin problems and Permanent Hair removal. 

Small Area

Lip, chin, cheeks, toes etc - £70

Course of 6 - £380

Medium Area

Hands, feet, bikini, underarm, full face - £90

Course of 6 - £500

Large Area

Brazilian/Hollywood, Full leg, full arm etc - £180

Course of 6 - £900

Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment of acne, facial veins, pigmentation removal and full rejuvenation

Small Area - £90

Course of 3 - £230

Medium Area - £120

Course of 3 - £300

Large Area - £160

Course of 3 - £400

IPL for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, pigmentation, thread veins.